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How to save google authenticator key

tovar-show.ru › blog › google-authenticator-backup. Google Authenticator doesn't allow users to back up their accounts. Google does so as it believes creating a backup/copy of the keys will result in.

What is two-factor authentication?

Backup Google Authenticator App Data to Keep Your Two Factor Authentication Secret Key Safe

How how to save google authenticator key I set up Two-factor authentication? Note: If you have signed up with Facebook or a Google account, you need to set a password for your pCloud account, before enabling Two-factor authentication.

Text how to save google authenticator key and system notifications If you choose Text messages and system notifications as a preferred method to receive security codes, you'll receive them as SMS on your mobile device, or as a pCloud notification on your logged devices.


Open my. Enter your phone number. It is important that you use a valid phone number, as you will receive a verification code that's necessary to complete how to save google authenticator key setup Enter the verification code and finish by saving your Recovery codes Google Authenticator: If you choose How to save google authenticator key Authenticator as a preferred method to receive security codes, you'll be able to access your account even apex coin generator 2020 you just click for source have an Internet connection or how to save google authenticator key device.

You can use it later to add your pCloud to Google Authenticator, in case you install the authenticator app on a new mobile device.

Obtaining a Secret Key for Two-Factor Authentication

Storing Recovery codes: When setting Two-factor authentication, you will also receive 10 one-time recovery codes.

It is very important that you store these codes in a secure place. If you ever lose your phone, or can't receive a security code, you will need a recovery code for emergency access to your pCloud account. You can use a recovery code only once.

Print QR Code

If you have used all your recovery codes or you suspect that they have been compromised, you can reset them at any time from the Two-factor authentication settings.

See more: Forgot to download your Recovery codes? Learn what to do Setting Trusted Devices: When you use Two-factor authentication, you have the option to set the device you're using as trusted. By doing so, you will not be asked for a security code when you log in the next 30 days.

Please be cautious using Trusted devices - how to save google authenticator key set this option for devices you confirm as yours and safe to use.

How to Use Google Authenticator

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