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How to verify paxful wallet

Users who reach an equivalent of 1, USD in trade volume or wallet activity per year must complete ID verification. · All users from the US, EU. Level, Verification Needed, Per Trade Limit, Trade Volume Lifetime Limit, Send from Wallet Lifetime Limit, Receive to Wallet Lifetime Limit.

Paxful Review 2020 - Is This P2P Platform Safe & Legit?

Idris Abubakar March 20, Popular peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform, Paxful, has been getting a lot of hit from Nigerian users over the last few days.

They also complained how to verify paxful wallet Paxful is blocking users arbitrarily and is refusing to refund their money how to verify paxful wallet it blocks them.

How to Do KYC On Paxful

I contacted your helpdesk on same but they refused to refund how to verify paxful wallet too.

How to verify paxful wallet buy and sell bitcoin. I respect the principle of the platform the earn me my money.

Which wallets work best for a BitPay payment?

So I don't treat you guys with disdain. In that light, I demand a fair share of respect. Why are my accounts blocked? I demand a reaction.

Why Popular Crypto Exchange Paxful is Coming Under Fire from its Nigerian Users

A viable one. The best way to sort any violation is to ask the account owner to transfer his coins out before account shutdown.

How To Buy Bitcoin WITHOUT ID Verification (Paxful P2P Exchange)

However, we poked around and found out a probable cause for the recent negative publicity. I saw PaxfulNGisAscam trending, read more i did a quick look up across how to verify paxful wallet and it turns out paxful have been scamming nigerians trading bitcoin on their site since According to a blog post published how to verify paxful wallet March 19, Paxful now requires strict ID verification from users who reach certain thresholds.

As part of that, we recently implemented a verification process that requires users with a certain trade volume to verify their accounts.

Paxful Review

Some users have how to verify paxful wallet that the verification process demands for international passports while rejecting other ID cards like Voters Card. And Paxful itself has revealed that something is wrong.

The platform disclosed that the new verification process has resulted to several unforeseen how to verify paxful wallet for many users.

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