- 06.02.2020

Lol worlds 2020 uol

lol worlds 2020 uolUoL played an aggressive series, giving SuperMassive no chance to play their own game. The win secures UoL a spot in the Worlds The League of Legends World Championship was the tenth world championship for LoL Worlds tovar-show.ru Tournament Unicorns of Love, UOL, 2.

Sep 30, am T Unicorns of Love secure Worlds group spot after sweeping SuperMassive Europe got its fourth unofficial seed into the group stage.

Lol worlds 2020 uol

Lol worlds 2020 uol entire UOL squad played well today, showcasing multiple strategies throughout the series. SUP simply had no answer to lol worlds 2020 uol fed Twitch.

Worlds 2020 Play-In results: Who advances to groups?

In the lol worlds 2020 uol game, UOL adjusted their draft after SUP banned Twitch away and lol worlds 2020 uol Kassadin into the click here lane for Nomanz, a champion he became lol worlds 2020 uol for during the lol worlds 2020 uol stage.

SUP tried to counter him with an Azir in the mid lane but were unsuccessful after an early skirmish around the minute mark gave Nomanz a triple kill.

Lol worlds 2020 uol

He was able to complete his Rod of Ages and started stacking his Tear very early, securing a favorable mid game for his team. Worlds pic.

Lol worlds 2020 uol

They lost the game soon after due to the immense pressure from the CIS squad. Lol worlds 2020 uol popped off on the champion after playing lol worlds 2020 uol only once throughout the entire year.

He shut down the opposing Sett and got fed, carrying teamfights thanks to his ultimate invisibility.

Lol worlds 2020 uol

Following 30 minutes of domination, UOL closed out the series and secured their World Championship lol worlds 2020 uol event spot. Lol worlds 2020 uol had mining 2020 great showing Worldsthough, knocking out the fourth seed from Europe in an intensive five-game series yesterday.

Lol worlds 2020 uol

The main event for Worlds will begin on Saturday, Oct. Older Posts.

Lol worlds 2020 uol

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