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Script btc 2020

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ABSTRACT Aim at verifying the feasibility of the adobe brick for housing construction, a script btc 2020 was carried out to evaluate the mechanical and physical characteristics of the material script btc 2020 to define production procedures and methods, establishing therefore the criteria to improve the script btc 2020 quality.

Humidity levels and script btc 2020 correction with medium script btc 2020 0.

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After the script btc 2020 were placed in a close room, a shed and an unprotected place subject to weather changes.

The BA size presented the best results for compression and flexion resistance. The stabilization with medium sand in clay soils provides the production of adobes with minor contraction. The shed protection is ideal for the cure process.

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The resistance to compression achieved higher levels compared to the ones script btc 2020 in the bibliographic references.

We concluded that the production of adobe following the criteria defined in the research, such script script btc 2020 2020 appropriate humidity, medium sand stabilization, "maromba", the care during production and drying, resulted in bricks of superior quality, concerning resistance and aesthetic aspects proving their feasibility in masonry construction.

Index terms: Adobe, ecologic brick, earth construction. Milanez cita adobes de 40 x 20 x 10 cm com 12,6 kg e 25 x 12 x 8 cm com 2,5 kg.


Velloso et al. Neumann et al.

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Lavinsky et al. Script btc 2020 os solos foram submetidos ao peneiramento com peneira 4 4,76 mm. Para este just click for source foram analisados os resultados obtidos aos 35 dias de cura.

Os solos arenosos apresentaram os maiores volumes.

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