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Vite vue cli

vite vue cliVite is an alternative to the standard Vue CLI that intends to fix this particular speed problem. So during development, you can continue to write. Vite is an opinionated web dev build tool that serves your code via Vue CLI is the official tovar-show.ru scaffolding tool for projects, built on top of.

This article is available as a screencast! Today we explore Vite, an extremely fast development environment based on ES modules.

Faster hot reloading for Vue development with Vite

You can find the source code and documentation for Vite here. The final source code vite vue cli the project in this article is available here. First, we will take a quick look vite vue cli how ES modules work click here a browser, with no build step to speak of, and build a simple clone of Storybooka UI development environment that Vite is perfectly vite vue cli for.

We will use Vue 3, Vite.

Vite vue cli

Like the real storybook, it will let you toggle between different stories using vue-router, and thanks to Vite, support TypeScript, JSX, sass and vite vue cli click reload, with next to no configuration.

Getting Started All we will need is vite and the latest version of Vue 3: yarn add vite vue next One of the great things about Vite is how easy it is to get started!

Vite vue cli

Not with Vite. All you need is an index.

Vite - Build Tool

You will see Hello from ES modules!. Most modern browsers support ES module syntax without a build vite vue cli, so this works fine.


Kill your python server and start Vite with yarn vite. Good, but there are other projects that do this, namely snowpack. So what else does Vite do?

Vite vue cli

Working with Vue components Create an App. Save your vite vue cli - trend 2020 btc the color changed, but the count remained the same? Hot reload! I have no doubt we will see something like storybook using Vite, but faster and better, and hopefully without the React dependency.

vite vue cli

Vite vue cli

To really feel just how fast Vite makes this sort of thing, you should either watch the screencast or follow along yourself.

We are vite vue cli to try out the latest beta of Vue Router, so install that with yarn add vue-router next.

Getting Started

Update index. This will save us the effort of looping the array to find the current story. Refresh your page Vite does vite vue cli do hot reload on index. Now we have this: Vite vue cli links should also change the route vite vue cli vite vue cli clicked.

Rendering Stories I created some basic components and stories to test things out a button and a card component.

What is Vue Vite ⚡? | Superpowered Vue | Vite vs Vue CLI

If you are following along, grab them here: Button. It works! Notice how this change is basically reflected in the browser immediately?

Vite vue cli

Try adding an extra color to the colors vite vue cli vite vue cli Button. Cool, right? Discussion While we built just touched on what Vite brings to the table, there is a lot more to be excited about.

A note on Vite, a very fast dev build tool (I)

The real power here is because we are not using something like Webpack, that needs to transpile the entire vite vue cli before updating the vite vue cli, Vite scales. It only loads the ES modules it needs, when they needed. Start-up takes around see more seconds, and go here few seconds to reflect changes in the browser.

It might not seem like a lot, but when you are tweaking a UI ever so slightly, the near-instant feedback is a big deal. Other than storybook-like, UI driven applications, Evan has a prototype called Vitepresswhich is a static site generator like Vuepressaimed at documentation. vite vue cli

Vite vue cli

The real Vite is a good fit for this is it will only load the page you are currently vite vue cli at. Because Vuepress is webpack-based, in needs to watch and recompile vite vue cli to show you changes, something which can be very slow when you have a large amount of documentation.

Vite vue cli

My book, the Vue Testing Handbookonly has around 20 pages, but still takes seconds to start up, and to reflect changes vite vue cli the browser. It may not seem like a big difference only a few secondsbut no-one has ever asked for more vite vue cli configuration, or for slower applications, right?

Conclusion Vite is a lightning fast development environment, not unlike vue-cli, create-react-app, etc. Unlike those projects, it uses ES modules, which offloads a lot of complexity to the browser, and leads to faster reloads, and less need vite vue cli configuration.

While we use it with Vue here, it is framework agnostic - it comes with built-in JSX supportvite vue cli you can already use vite vue cli with React and Preact today!

The project is young, but looks poised to become a major competitor to webpack based development environments moving forward.


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