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Better business bureau chicago illinois

BBB directory of local BBBs serving Illinois. Find a local Better Business Bureau location. BBB Start with BBB of Chicago & Northern Illinois. N. Wabash. Better Business Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois, Chicago, Illinois. 11K likes​. Serving Chicago & Northern Illinois || The Sign of a Better Business.

Bernas was being groomed to take over, but he only took the reins in because his longtime mentor at the bureau, who had been there more than 40 years, died.

Then, early in his CEO tenure, Bernas endured the greatest crisis better business bureau chicago illinois trust the year-old BBB nationwide ever faced, which is a big deal for an organization whose lone currency is trust.


Embarrassing evidence arose that a Better Business Bureau in the Los Angeles area was allowing paying members, including fictitious ones, to receive unfairly high ratings.

About the better business bureau chicago illinois time, Bernas and the national organization entered a standoff. National threatened to eliminate the Chicago chapter by revoking its charter because Bernas refused to implement read more new letter-grade system of rating companies.

He thought it was unethical https://tovar-show.ru/account/chase-quickpay-with-zelle-business-account.html the system gave higher grades to paying members.

The national BBB eventually changed the ratings system to the way Bernas wanted, better business bureau chicago illinois the Chicago chapter is better business bureau chicago illinois good standing.

All this happened amid a sea change in better business bureau chicago illinois consumers complained about companies and researched them, moving away from the household name Better business bureau chicago illinois Business Bureau and turning toward newer online names such as Yelp, Angies List, Facebook and Twitter.

Perhaps the only thing that could hurt the BBB more than a crisis of trust is irrelevance. Roy Spencer, chairman of the BBB board of directors, called that time "a tremendous period of transition.

better business bureau chicago illinois


That was a real potential crossroads for the bureau. The keys to his success, observers say, are his limitless energy, uncompromising principles and dedication to helping consumers and businesses get along.

He has managed the delicate task of boldly advocating for read article even as his organization is funded by businesses. He's a regular media guest on television and radio and is frequently quoted in print articles talking about consumer issues.

During a typical day, the husband and father of two teen daughters leaves his house in Naperville at a. He's an energetic speed talker whose brain seems to work faster better business bureau chicago illinois his tongue; he tends to just click for source in half-sentences while somehow still communicating effectively.

Last year, his person BBB offices -- in Chicago and a small one better business bureau chicago illinois Rockford -- handled about 50, formal complaints. He and his colleagues are often referees in disputes between better business bureau chicago illinois consumers and Chicagoland home contractors, auto dealers and retailers.

Every day, 55, people visit the Chicago BBB website to look up information on businesses. All told last year, the local chapter was contacted some 20 million times, including Web visits.

Because of his office's enormous reach and connection with consumers, Bernas has become valuable to the legal system when pursing scam artists, rogue contractors and unethical advertisers. He's very engaging and very personable and very committed to the mission of the Better Business Bureau.

There he was required to perform volunteer work in hospitals and homes for disadvantaged and disabled youths. I fell in love with it. Does that come in handy when dealing with feuding businesses and consumers?

Better Business Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois

Better business bureau chicago illinois out of college inBernas intended to be a probation officer, even attending a training session. But the governor at the time cut the state budget -- and the probation officer jobs.

So he regrouped and visited the job placement center at Loyola. There, a counselor was opening mail from employers who had available jobs.

Chicago Better Business Bureau BBB is a SCAM a franchise.

Bernas was hired at the BBB as a management trainee in the automotive services division, mostly settling disputes between dealers and consumers. That's where he learned you better business bureau chicago illinois paint everyone in a profession with a broad better business bureau chicago illinois, even auto dealers.

I found that really enlightening. Through the years, Bernas made improvements where he could. For example, when Bernas started at the BBB nobody had computers on their desks. Handling complaints was a paper-driven, laborious process. One of his jobs as manager of computer services involved getting all the BBB data out of file cabinets and on computers.

He later helped the national BBB advise other chapters on how to digitize their coinbase account restricted problem. It eventually led to joining all that information into a national database, today the backbone of the national BBB website.

Taking mentor's place After 20 years with the BBB, Bernas saw grief and opportunity come knocking at once.

The death of year-old Baumhart from cancer in late left a void at the BBB, but one that Bernas, as chief operating officer, was trained to fill.

I learned how he handled people, how he handled an organization but also the advocate side, doing what's right for the consumer. Bernas had a collaborative style, seeking the opinions of board members rather than viewing them as a rubber stamp for decisions already made.

The The local chapter has somereports on area businesses. His office covers 19 counties. But the stat that Bernas is more proud of is that the better business bureau chicago illinois received better business bureau chicago illinois percent fewer complaints last year.

Meeting All Better Business Bureau Standards, Darvin® Furniture Earns Accreditation

He likes to think that's because his No. His fundamental message? Check out companies before you do business with them or sign a contract. That way you avoid problems that eventually lead to complaints to the BBB. I don't want to be a complaint agency.

I really don't. I've been fooled. They're everyday people. How do you sleep? I hope he enjoys the sheets in the jail cell. He sits on the FTC Task Force for Consumer Fraud and the attorney general committees about automobile advertising and charitable trusts.

But now, it's more common to better business bureau chicago illinois together. That has meant more than a feel-good atmosphere in consumer-protection circles.

Consumer agencies now share information and can quickly agree on which group will take the lead. That produces quicker action against scammers and unethical business owners.

Bernas has worked repeatedly with the Illinois attorney general's office on such issues learn more here unscrupulous debt-collection practices and better business bureau chicago illinois, or unauthorized charges on phone bills. Sometimes we call him; other times he calls us about something that he's seeing that's please click for source a problem.

The most dire instances were related to a new letter-grading system the national BBB wanted to implement nationwide. Before the grading system was entrenched across the country, a Better Business Bureau in the Los Angeles area was exposed for improving ratings on companies that each paid several hundred dollars in membership fees.

It seemed to confirm critics' harshest allegations: that the BBB was akin to a protection racket, in which companies received protection from bad ratings if they paid membership dues. BBB officials repeatedly denied those allegations. Bernas was left to defend the honor of https://tovar-show.ru/account/1-eth-to-mxn.html Chicago-area BBB by talking to the better business bureau chicago illinois about how the scandal did not involve the local chapter.

I was very angry by what I saw. I read the report about the incidentwhich is not public, and I almost credo login to cry. I was at a point where I put my heart and soul into this organization, and it took one opportunity to take away trust.

We regained it, but it took some time. In Januarythe BBB changed from a simple satisfactory-unsatisfactory grade for companies to a system of giving letter grades A through F, with pluses and minuses.

The new system gave extra points to paying members, the argument being that accredited more info were already checked out. Better business bureau chicago illinois that didn't pay, no matter how consumer-friendly, could not get the highest grade of A-plus.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus was mandating the new grading system nationwide. Bernas balked. He lobbied his board of directors to decide that the Chicago-area Better business bureau chicago illinois would refuse to implement the system, which would put its charter at risk.

Bernas did not learn more here immediate support from his board, which wasn't sure this was better business bureau chicago illinois fight worth fighting.

He just felt it was wrong and put himself at check this out. In the end, he convinced his board. In hindsight, it was the right call.

The national BBB began proceedings to revoke the Chicago chapter's charter, but before that could happen it agreed to change the grading formula nationwide, removing the extra points for being https://tovar-show.ru/account/how-to-make-crypto-account.html BBB member.

Education: Graduated from Loyola University with a degree in psychology. Job as a youth: Gas station attendant.

Entertainment: Jazz to relax but mostly listens to news and talk radio. Hobby: Golf. Consumers really want to be heard. Most of the time it's miscommunication. The Chicago BBB will likely begin that next year.

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