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Epay account sign up

epay account sign upAccount. Trust Account Information. Corporate Checking Corporate Savings. Click here to see why ePayPolicy requests separate bank. Sign Up for ePay. ePay Sign Up. One-Time Payment. ePay Pay Now. ePay Account Login. User ID. Password. Forgot your password? Forgot your User ID?

You must login to your account, and navigate to your rejected transaction.

Epay account sign up

Along with epay account sign up Rejection Notice email, the Audit Log for your transaction will describe the exact reason your invoice was rejected and epay account sign up you need to do to next.

How do I submit my delivery documents?

Epay account sign up

All delivery documents must be submitted epay account sign up Epay Manager. Login to your account.

Using Epay, you can upload your documents, fax them with a epay account sign up coversheet, epay account sign up email them from the system.

Epay account sign up

Carriers or factoring companies with automation capabilities or high volume, may contact us for additional options. Do I have to take a discount on my payments?

Epay account sign up

Every Epay Manager invoice contains a standard, non-discounted term that is provided by your customer.

You will epay account sign up have a non-discounted option available, along with any fast pay options that your customer chooses to offer.

Epay account sign up

You have the power to choose the desired term on each invoice, and selecting a discount does not automatically apply to future invoices. The terms offered are generated exclusively by your customer, and Epay Epay account sign up has no influence over the options or discount rates.

Epay account sign up Questions Who pays epay account sign up

Epay account sign up

Your customer pays you directly. The funds are transferred from epay account sign up bank account epay account sign up your bank account on the selected payment date.

Epay Manager is a software application that facilitates the transfer, and does not act as third party bank.

Epay account sign up

On the morning of the scheduled payment date, the funds will post to your bank account. Epay Manager will learn more here you an email epay account sign up of a successful transfer.

How do I reconcile my payments inside my accounting software?

Epay account sign up

Using your Receivables Paid list in Epay Manager as a guide, you may reconcile payments with epay account sign up accounting software.

On each invoice, you have the option to enter a Carrier Reference Number.

Epay account sign up

This number will help you connect the Epay Manager invoice with the record in your accounting system.

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