- 24.02.2020

Babb token contract address

BABB Token (BAX) token information and tracker. The BAX coin total supply is 32 transactions and 11 holders. BABB (BAX) token information and price tracker. The BAX coin price is USD, total supply is transactions and holders.


babb token contract address The wallet concerned address: 0x58aa01ab4acbcd44bbbeced belongs to the company; it was the first multi sig wallet we ever created and the company used it to collect private presale contributions in Q4 before the public just click for source. The main uses of the BAX from this wallet have been the token sale bounty campaign, the equity sale bonuses and airdrop.

Why did we cancel the Babb token contract address licence? We never intended to hide the fact that we took the decision to cancel our API licence.

Babb / BAX token review

We cancelled the API licence because it would have conflicted with babb token contract address banking licence application.

We were also incurring legal fees to carry out the annual reporting which is required of an API, so cancelling babb token contract address saved money.

Bank Account-Based Blockchain (BABB) \u0026 BAX Token

Who sold locked BAX last night and why? A substantial number of BAX were sold babb token contract address night after midnight UK time 19thone day before the set date of babb token contract address, and we are currently investigating.


Babb token contract address can confirm that it was a former member of the team who sold this BAX, not babb token contract address who is currently working at the company. This may constitute a breach of contract, and we are currently seeking legal advice. The rest of the team, who read more holders of BAX too, are very upset and disappointed with this development and the way it was executed.

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